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Candles by Panpuri…  I just adore the sexy packaging and mysterious fragrances of these natural soy & palm wax candles with precious essences & fine fragrances…. need some!

PANPURI ‘Femme Fatale’ Perfume Candle – Original Sin

Inspired by Eve. An immaculate genesis of sinful notes of chaste red Apples and succulent juicy Pears atop Muguet and musky Amber, this wonderful creation is the perfect setting of the Garden of Eden, where the ultimate Femme Fatala, Eve, was born.

A dark and complex blend, Muse Secrete opens with succulent citrus notes that deepen into a heady, floral heart of night-blooming Jasmine and seductive Ylang Ylang. Intricate richness is enhanced with the intense depth of Indian Sandalwood and Vetiver.

PANPURI Signature Candle – Siamese Water

A hallmark of Panpuri Signature Essential Oil blends, Siamese water transports you back in time to the ancient water festival of the Kingdom of Siam with its deep, sweet blooms and exotic floral notes of honey-colored Jasmine absolute, delicately interwoven with sensuous Ylang Ylang’s white petals and a fresh, fragrant hint of Thai Mint.

PANPURI Signature Candle – Indochine

A tropical citrus signature that is fresh and vibrant, Indochine reveals the iconic Indian Ayurvedic Lemongrass, enhanced by luminous Bergamot peel, blossoming Mandarin and verdant Spearmint. The splashy top notes are melded into tangy floral hints of Chinese May Chang and French Lavender with a subtle Sandalwood undertone, resulting in an exhilaratingly fresh and invigorating experience.


A contemporary interpretation of a traditional Chinese accord that opens with crisp, clear, fresh notes of Spice and Citrus. Chinese Grapefruit and Australian Eucalyptus pave the way for a nostalgic bouquet that is deep and elegant. Rosewood Oriental reveals its glorious past with a luxurious heart, enveloping the space with warmth and finesse.

PANPURI Signature Candle – Distant Shores

A Burst of fresh spring blooms on a lush coastal hill, awakening the senses with verdant Australian Eucalyptus and Thai Mint, fused with delectable floral notes of Mediterranean terrain, creating a sleek, enticing touch.

And, lastly,  Velvet Blossoms

Sensual and defined, this intoxicating concoction is a passionate rendezvous of the opulent “Queen of Tropical Flowers”, Ylang-Ylang, and the earthy traditions of French Lavender. Seductive accents are fused into an alluring charm of Egyptian Geranium, intensifying tenacious romance that lingers with woody musk undertones of Indian Sandalwood