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House Beautiful

A grown up bunk-house

One of the best parts of living on an island is that I can sometimes take a few design risks with the interior, and get to throw caution to the wind.  I mean, apart from our guests, who’s ever going to see it?

When most people think of a cabin in Finland, they see trees, sea, a sauna and an outhouse.  Maybe a dilapidated boathouse and jetty, so really, anything goes when it comes to the interior design, because even the simple cabins are beautiful.  And sometimes necessity is the mother of invention, especially when you’re trying to make the most of a small space.  We’ve used up all the floor space we were allowed to build on the island, and with the stream of guests never letting up, a bunkroom would be a downright smart decision!

I wish we had an empty barn that I could turn into a grown up bunk-house, with all the luxuries a proper guest-room should have, just with more beds!

Kids love bunk beds and they’re great for sleepovers, but could you apply the same rules to make a great bunkroom that kids as well as more grown-up guests would enjoy?  A room with all the luxuries a proper guest room should have, but with better use of space?  They’re perfect in a holiday home or for a growing family, and I love the way they make you feel like a kid again.  As children we would always fight about who gets the top bunk, and seeing one now in a home still brings a smile to my face.

But, that said, stylish bunk beds are hard to find in a world filled with amazing design, and it’s rare that I’ve seen bunk beds that I would allow through MY front door!  So. I’ve collected some images of bunk beds and bunk rooms that I would love to recreate.   I love bunk rooms even more than bunk beds, a large attic with 6 beds in a row, it just screams midnight feasts and fun holiday!

When everyone can fall into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day of swimming and fishing and sailing, life is good, and a bunk room adds to the quirkiness every summer house should have.  I love the antique quilts in this attic bunk room with it’s old iron beds….

Courtesy of Decorno

I love the great use of space in this gorgeous room.  A lovely lounge during the day, with extra beds for last minute guests.  You could hook little shutters over these bunks to hide them completely when not in use…

Courtesy House Beautiful

8 Extra beds with loads of floorspace left, what’s not to love?

Picture courtesy of Inside-out

A great white room for a seaside cottage, light and airy with a touch of blue, grown-ups or kids would be equally happy in here…

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Courtesy of Pinterest.  A proper bunkroom!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.  Again, a clever use of space…

Courtesy of Houzz

I just adore this stars and stripes inspired bunk room.  The sisal carpet gives a summery island feel.

Courtesy of Pinterest

A very clean modern look, with enormous windows and warm wood trim…

Courtesy of Houzz

I love the neutral tones in this tiny bunkroom.  The stone floor and individual lamps are a great touch…

Courtesy of cottage home

Bright walls and mismatched quilts makes for a casual summer home bedroom.

Courtesy of Traditional home

Lovely striped curtains add privacy and baskets for extra storage makes the most of a small bedroom…

Courtesy of Traditional home

Courtesy of Elle Decor

I love the wooden beams and privacy curtains in this fun bunk room

Courtesy of Coastal living

Each bed has it’s own lantern and padded shutter door for air…

Courtesy of Coastal living

Fresh and inviting….

Courtesy of Elle Decor

Coutesy of Traditional home

Courtesy Traditional home


The Jane hotel in New York has a bunk room, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there!

Courtesy of Houzz

A GREAT use of space with drawers under the bunk, individual lamps and study nooks…

Courtesy of Fresh home

A very grown up bunk room…. love it!Could YOU make more space by adding bunk rooms to your home?  I’m designing as we speak!