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I have been too quiet, I know.  I’m so busy renovating our new chalet, well, if you could call something from 1860 ‘new’, that I simply have not had 5 minutes to write.  We’re renting a very cute little chalet called ‘Chalet Chocolat’ while the builders are on site, and as sweet as it is, it’s also tiny.  40 Sq.m at a push.  And here we have a small table were we have to work, eat, prepare dinner, and try not to bite each other’s heads off…  I’m dreaming of having space to work in, dreaming so much, in fact, that I’ve been looking at my dream home office.  I’ll share these with you!

A gorgeous black & white photo wall…

Striking and bold

Black walls and spiky accents with a touch of tan leather…

Clean and white with space for two, and a picture wall

Yes I’m obsessed with antlers!

Some french inspiration

Dark, moody and sexy…

Cabinet of curiosities as study

Scandinavian style.  I love the old grey wood and textured wallpaper.

Shades of coral liven up this dark office

Black lacquer bookshelves makes for a gorgeous study in this library

The home office of Danish designer Marlene Birger

An impeccably decorated study

A french armoire works beautifully as a bookcase

Monochrome magic

A gorgeous gold screen and coral accents lift this otherwise white study to sublime heights

And bright lime accents in a modern clean space… lovely

Well, now I feel little better.  Just DREAMING of the perfect home office I will have eventually…

Happy planning!


All pictures courtesy of my Pinterest boards